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IRV is a voting method that guarantees a winner with a mandate from a majority with a single election. Voters simply rank candidates instead of voting for one.
Our goal: Get IRV implemented in all statewide single-winner elections, and facilitate its use in local jurisdictions in California.

HELP US! Our group has been making rapid progress, but further growth requires growth in time contributed by our all-volunteer membership. As you read the pages below, please think of ways that you can contribute, and contact us to get involved.

Our biggest successes have been adoption and use of IRV in San Francisco, Berkeley, Oakland, San Leandro, and (adoption, but not yet use) Santa Clara County.

Help push IRV through in these other jurisdictions! The East Bay cities have passed ballot measures enabling IRV and they want to use it, but county administrators are giving them a hard time. Browse through our mailing list for up-to-date information.

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Much of the information about our current legislative tasks and strategies has been moved to the Californians for Electoral Reform website.

Our email lists are a great way to learn about current IRV activity - see the links above.