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Instant Runoff Voting is better than plurality elections because:
  • IRV ensures majority rule.

  • IRV eliminates the "spoiler" problem.
    "Spoiler" candidates or "split votes" would no longer threaten major candidates. The Nader-vs.-Gore and Perot-vs.-Bush dilemmas would not have existed with IRV.

  • IRV promotes positive campaigns.
    With more candidates, and a need to get 2nd- and 3rd-choice votes, attack ads will not pay off.

  • IRV boosts voter turnout.
    Experience has shown that turnout increases when voters have more choices.

  • IRV makes votes count.
    IRV increases the likelihood that one's vote will be decisive.
IRV is also better than "two-round" runoff or primary elections because:
  • IRV saves money.
    Election officials and taxpayers don?t have to foot the bill for a second election.

  • IRV saves time.
    Voters do not lose work or family time voting a second election.

  • IRV is decisive.
    Voters are not let down by an inconclusive first election.

  • IRV makes campaigning easier.
    With IRV, candidates don?t have to raise money for two races.

  • IRV is more accurate.
    IRV eliminates one candidate at a time, minimizing "spoiler" effects. Voter turnout is high in the decisive election, unlike two-round runoffs.
  • Does IRV require expensive equipment?
    No. Many counties already have IRV-compatible equipment. Paper IRV ballots are commonly used overseas.

  • Is IRV too confusing for voters?
    Where IRV has been adopted, it has endured for decades, so voters are comfortable with it. IRV is one of the simplest voting methods in use.

  • Does IRV upset the existing power structure?
    No, because it still relies on single-winner majority votes. IRV simply measures voters' will more accurately.
What's happening?

We are a nonpartisan grassroots organization working with political parties, public interest groups, legislators, and election officials to bring IRV to California. We work at both the state and county level.

How can I help?

We are a volunteer group, and we need help on all aspects of this project: education, coalition building, fund raising, and legislative research. Please see our web site for more information.


Let's make our elections more accurate, fair and legitimate.

Let's bring Instant Runoff Voting to California!