Instant Runoff Voting CA map About Cal IRV

The California IRV Coalition consists of individuals and organizations who support our mission: to get IRV implemented in all statewide single-winner elections, and facilitate its use in local jurisdictions. Currently, all of our members are volunteers. We are sponsored primarily by Californians for Electoral Reform.

Member Organizations: Advisory Board:
  • Tom Campbell (Republican, former congressman, Stanford law professor)
  • Steve Chessin (Democrat)
  • Ty Clevenger (Republican)
  • Bonnie Flickinger (Libertarian & Moreno Valley mayor)
  • Ted Muga (American Reform Party chairman)
  • Jeanne Rosenmeier (Green)
  • Ed Teyssier (Libertarian)
  • Gabrielle Weeks (chair, LA County Green Coord. Committee)
Organizing Committee:
  • Dave Robinson, Northern California co-chair
  • Coby Skye, Southern California co-chair
  • Nancy Couperus, volunteer coordinator
  • Chris Jerdonek, legislation coordinator
  • James Salsman, outreach coordinator